Adix Sports LTD

Black Hardcore Lifting Straps Pulling Attachments for Strength Training & Bodybuilding


Use the ADIX Hardcore Lifting Straps and train just like Professional athletes.

Usage: The ADIX Hardcore Lifting Straps provide support for grip and make every training more intensive due the possibility to use heavier weights.

Features: Thick stitching increases durability and grip, Relieves the forearms from pressure for more reps. More wraps possible due to length and thickness for better grip.

Size & Color: One size fits all - Black

The ADIX Hardcore Lifting Straps offer protection and support to your wrists. Due to the extra length of 56 cm, the extra width of 4 cm and the thickness of 0.5 cm, more wraps can be made, increasing the grip on the tie bar.

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